Bottom Dollar

A cool dark bottom dollar with some nice synthesizer peaks and valleys.  

Noodle Time

Time to use your head because it sounds like you may be caught soon.  Rocker.

Revolution 7

Being a total Beatles nut I had to do number 7.  Weird and fun.   

Philadelphia Kid

A kid from Philly can get anywhere safely.  Sounds like the drive may get dicey on occasion.

Coach K

Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski retires as the greatest of all time! (goat). A nod to his Army career as well with a serious piece.

The Shining

One of the scariest movies of all time and a scary audio piece.  Do you have the Shining?  


In honor of my favorite football player of all time.  I recorded this to go along with a YouTube film of Mr. Butkus.  It was cool. 


Medium to up tempo in honor of Pink Floyd.  Pigs was taken so here is Goats.  

Too Far

Slow tension builder with strings and a dark edge.  

Unmixed Dreams

As opposed to those mixed ones.  A little bit of a slow tempo nightmare really.