Not Your Baby

A rockabilly romp with some jazzy drum and a I'm not your baby feel.


Upbeat high speed train travel with all the bells and whistles.  Rocker.

Noontime Show

Rock and roller with a nice medium beat and guitar play.  A bass mover too.  

Red Sunset

Playing bass is one of my favorite things to do so I love it when the boss says let it go.  

Sticks and Stones

Funkadelic and fresh.  Guitar, clavicord, bass and sax with an up vibe.  Sticks and Stones love.  

Magic Bob

My Buddy Bob is a magician.  He loves his you know what to the walls rock!!

Rich Blend

An alternative rock flow of sound in coffee's place.  Jeff Beck feel.

Random Shot

My daughter Mayme and I spit this out one day.  It was random, upbeat.  A rocker.